• Giving Back
    Giving Back

Social Commitment

At Cape Diem Lodge, we believe in giving back to our planet as well as to our local community. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, and constantly strive to find ways to do so.


  • We only source fresh, seasonal ingredients from local suppliers.
  • 90% of our beverages are from local breweries and distilleries.
  • We source sustainably farmed vegan wine.
  • We eliminate as much single plastic use as possible, and we recycle.
  • We use Light Emitting Diodes throughout the property.
  • We have swopped plastic water bottles for glass.
  • Our water is solar heated

Kai’s Choice

During South-Africa’s first hard lockdown in 2020, we discovered a homeless cat sleeping in our garden at Cape Diem Lodge.

Our first instinct was to re-home him, but as time went on and re-homing was unsuccessful due to animal shelters being overcrowded, he quickly became a part of Cape Diem Lodge we did not know was missing. This affectionate boy is the best part of our team, and came in a time when life was very uncertain for everyone Kai inspired us to donate to one animal shelter around Cape Town every year at Christmas, to help many animals not as lucky as he was.

Should our guests want to contribute to this charity, we pledge to double the amount donated.

*Kindly note that Kai lives on Cape Diem Lodge premises, however is not permitted in guest rooms. Kindly contact us directly via e-mail ahead of time should you have any concerns. 

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